Sunday, September 18, 2005

So much to much was seen today. We began with coffee and hot chocolate at a local cafe...Metro ride to the Ile de Cite...lunch in the Cafe de Soleil d'Or...tour of Notre Dame de Paris. Visited the new memorial to the victims of the Nazi deportation during WWII...very simple architecture with a powerful message. Walked along the Seine and tasted regional foods and wines from a group of vendors from southwest France. Found Sainte Chappelle closed for two days (not sure why). Rushed to the Picasso Museum to find it closed for "security reasons". Someone had taped up a written response, critical of the closure...others added there own comments. We weren't the only ones disappointed by this. Back to the hotel for a brief respite, then dinner (very good, small restaurant, great desserts) then the Eiffel Tower at night. See for yourself.


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