Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Arles is medieval walled city with narrow streets and Roman ruins. There is a reason why all the European cars are small…the typical corridor in a US high school is wider than most streets in Arles. Being mobile, we drove to Cassis on the southern shore of France along the Mediterranean Sea. We had a brief side trip to Fos sur la Mer when our navigation system went astray. All ended well, however, as the town was quaint, and had one interesting ruin which we visited.

Kathy at Saint Saveur a Fos sur la Mer
Cassis was a great seaside town, largely unspoiled by tourism. We ate the US equivalent of lunch, then walked along the beach side quay. Chip and Bill offered to help the ladies who appeared to have misplaced parts of their bathing attire. Trish and Kathy didn’t notice anyone who needed our help. Tant pis.

Cassis Harbor
On the way out of town, we stopped by a local vineyard. We found a suitable white and bought two bottles plus one rose. Next stop: Aix en Provence. Only, we didn’t stop. The city was so crowded and the traffic so horrendous we all decided to continue back to Arles for dinner. Side note: In Europe, breakfast is usually between 8 and 10; lunch is later in the afternoon, as most place close between noon and 2. Dinner is not served until 8 in the evening until 10 or 11.


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