Wednesday, September 21, 2005


After a quick breakfast, we piled into the car, and headed for Nice. The trip was great, and they say Chip did a good job driving. Kathy thinks he was born to race cars, judging by the acceleration out of the toll booths. Average speed to Nice was 140 km/hour, and this wasn’t even the autobahn.

We arrived in Nice at midday, found our hotel, turned in our car and headed for the Marc Chagall Museum. What a great collection of (primarily) biblical works…the largest in the world. One example follows:

Our intention was to head for the beach afterward, but on the way back, it started to rain. Our first rain day! We sat in a café, drinking wine, and people-watched for over an hour, hoping it would stop. It didn’t, so we headed back to the room to wait for dinnertime. This seems to be our pattern…eat and drink, walk and talk, sleep, then do it again. BTW, Trish’s ankle is healing well and she can almost walk normally again. Kudos to Bill for speaking our way through France; Chip would have had everyone thinking we were dead after every meal, instead of being “finished”. Such language nuances! Tomorrow, we have seven hours on a train before arriving in Firenze (Florence). Arrivederci France!


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